Fascinating Facts About Cleaning


We have compiled some interesting facts and stats on cleaning. Cleaning can improve your lifestyle in multiple ways; not only will it improve the cleanliness of your home, it will also help you improve your fitness by burning calories!

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How Often Should You Clean?


Have you ever wondered how often you should be cleaning? Well, we have put this infographic together to offer some guidance on how often you should be cleaning and why. All areas of the house require different amounts of attention and time spent on them.

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Spring Cleaning Tips


The flowers are coming out, the birds are singing, and the sun is rising earlier and setting later – yes, it’s that time of year. Spring is the perfect time of the year to get your house ready for the summer.

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5 Summer Cleaning Tips!


So, it’s the summer. It’s a time for house parties, and the kids are off from school. So how do you find the time to keep your house clean? Here are our 5 top tips for keeping your house clean this summer!

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Why Government Ministers should use Workbusters!


So, who would have thought it?!

This week another government minister falls foul of the “check-out-the-visa-of-your-cleaner rules”. And this time, incredibly, it’s the Immigration Minister, Mark Harper who fails the squeaky clean test, and he has now had to resign. He should have come to Workbusters!

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Why Lawyers Love Workbusters…


Workbusters are a favourite amongst lawyers. So many of my clients come from the legal world, not just because Workbusters are pretty good when it comes to navigating round piles of paperwork, dusty legal tomes and the like in offices. But even in their own homes, lawyers know the true benefits of professional London cleaners over the risks of one that is cash in hand.

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Christmas Cleaning Tips


Christmas at home is a lovely time to transform your home with lights and Christmas decorations. There is the challenge of cleaning up afterwards though.

We at Workbusters love this and to help you on your way we offer these tips.

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Our Services

Workbusters is based in Fulham, London. We offer the following services…

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  • and much much more…

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