Why Government Ministers should use Workbusters!


So, who would have thought it?!

This week another government minister falls foul of the “check-out-the-visa-of-your-cleaner rules”. And this time, incredibly, it’s the Immigration Minister, Mark Harper who fails the squeaky clean test, and he has now had to resign. He should have come to Workbusters!

Workbusters carries out thorough checks on would-be employees. (The former minister who ironically tightened the rules last year, had done due diligence background checks, but they were out of date, and he’d mislaid them. Supreme irony – now, sadly, he has lost his job.)

These cash in hand cleaners are a risk for anyone to take on. They are not a casual convenience. You need to check their passport, visas, keep copies, issue a simple contract so that when Immigration officials come knocking on your door, you can prove due diligence. Fines for non-compliance can be thousands of pounds.

Workbusters checks out its cleaners so you don’t have to. We do the legal checks, the social security procedures, the tax, the insurance. Everything is all above board.

Let Workbusters do the cleaning – and the paperwork!