5 Summer Cleaning Tips!


So, it’s the summer. It’s a time for house parties, and the kids are off from school. So how do you find the time to keep your house clean? Here are our 5 top tips for keeping your house clean this summer!

1. If you have allergy sufferers in the house, make sure you keep all your surfaces as clean as possible, and keep the windows closed (and the fans on if needed)! Regular cleaning of the house is vital in these circumstances, as it means that any pollen or dust can be wiped away quickly. Also, this reduces the chance of mold appearing in your house.

2. Of course, summer is the time for barbeques. When cleaning your grill, we advise to do it while the grill is still warm with a wire brush – this will quicken the process, saving you time and effort. Just remember to wear gloves to protect your hands!

3. Ensure that you pull up any weeds before they can become a serious issue! Weed seeds can be everywhere, so we advise that you don’t do too much digging when getting weeds. Kill the weeds at their root, and possibly plant new flowers in it’s place – ensuring that any weed seeds can’t get the sunshine they need to grow.

4. Cleaning windows can be a pain – but it needs to be done if you are going to have your house shining in the summer. We advise that you thoroughly clean the outside of your windows first – this way you can tell when you’ve missed a patch on the inside as it will show up a lot clearer.

5. Patio cleaning can mean using a lot of elbow grease – but make it easier for yourself by clearing everything off the patio, then sweeping away any debris. Now it’s a case of scrubbing – either with your hands or by hiring a pressure washer. After this, make sure everything is clean and dry, and put everything that you removed back!

Keeping your garden clean over the summer isn’t easy. That’s why we’re here to help. If you need any help with keeping your home clean over the summer, then make sure you get in touch with us.