Christmas Cleaning Tips


Christmas at home is a lovely time to transform your home with lights and Christmas decorations. There is the challenge of cleaning up afterwards though.

We at Workbusters love this and to help you on your way we offer these tips.

A real Christmas tree can be wonderful – the pine smell and the empty branches ready to thread with tinsel and lights, and hang with baubles and ribbons. But do you avoid a moulting tree as Christmas progresses and all those needles collecting in your carpet? Our first tip is to put your tree in the coolest spot in the room – maybe beside the window, but away from fires and radiators. Keep it in a pot and water it, and surround the tree with a Christmas skirt.

These beautiful Christmassy designs will collect your needles. Then you can give the skirt a good shake outside to get rid of the needles when the tree comes down in the New Year.

Candles add a warming glow to a room. There are such lovely candle holders, hurricane lamps and tea light holders around these days. But don’t panic too much if the wax spills. Our tip for getting stubborn wax off a tablecloth is to cover the wax with brown parcel paper, shiny side down, and run your iron at the lowest setting over the paper. The wax will soften and stick to the brown paper, peeling away easily from your tablecloth.

Or, if it’s spilt wine on the tablecloth, quickly pour on salt and rinse the cloth in cold water a couple of times. The wine should then wash out easily in the first or second wash in your washing machine.

If it’s spilt wine on a carpet, again cover liberally with salt and leave to dry. If the stain remains after vacuuming, call in the professional carpet cleaners. Do not use supermarket bought carpet remedies as these are more likely to set the stain.

Good luck getting ready for Christmas. Workbusters wishes you a wonderful Happy Christmas with your families. And, remember Workbusters are here to help you get ready, and clean up afterwards!

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Best wishes, Lael.