Spring Cleaning Tips


The flowers are coming out, the birds are singing, and the sun is rising earlier and setting later – yes, it’s that time of year. Spring is the perfect time of the year to get your house ready for the summer.

Have a look at our top tips and checklist for you to run through this spring. Alternatively, contact us and get us to do it for you!

  1. First and foremost – get the family involved! It’s likely you won’t be able to clean your whole house by yourself – so get the spouses or children to help you out! The time it takes to do the house will significantly reduce as a result.
  2. Before you even begin cleaning a room, make sure that everything is off of the floor. This will mean that it is much easier to vacuum, rather than working around everything that occupies the space.
  3. Get the outside ready for summer – make sure you clean your patio, any outside furniture and windows as a part of your spring cleaning. This will ensure that it is all ready for when summer and the heat hits.
  4. Give your doorframes and walls a good rub down – these are some of the most ignored areas of the house throughout the year. Getting them clean and removed of any grime they have accumulated over the year early in the spring will allow your room to shine even more when the sun comes in.
  5. Ensure your carpets are stain free – although you may wish to hire a specialist company to clean your carpet, you can also do this yourself by hiring a deep cleaner. You won’t regret it, a freshly cleaned carpet can sometimes make all the difference to your rooms before the summer.
  6. Pull any kitchen appliances as far away from your walls as possible. This will make it far easier to clean behind them, and will make sure that your house is dust free.
  7. If you have dusty lightbulbs, use a microfiber duster to clean them. Clean bulbs will make them more effective in keeping your room bright – a dirty lightbulb can emit up to 20% less light!
  8. Rotate your bed matresses. Sprinkle baking soda on them, then vacuum it up. This will keep them fresh for the upcoming summer.
  9. Let your room breathe and open your windows – this will reduce some of the allergens in the house, perfect for any hayfever sufferers. We recommend you do this for at least half an hour, but there is no reason to not do it for longer if it is a sunny day!
  10. Make sure that you do one room at a time – seeing each room sparkle at the end will keep up your motivation, whearas if you do small areas of multiple rooms, it is easier to get demotivated.

If you would like any help with your spring cleaning, then make sure to give us a call! We can help you out, whether it is as a one off cleaning job, or as a part of a regular contract.