How to Keep Your Bed Pristine Clean

If you’ve been avoiding washing your bedding lately, think about it this way: you probably spend six or eight hours in it every night. It is therefore in your best interest to keep it as clean as possible. This article will tell you how to keep your sheets, duvet and mattress clean.

Washing Your Bedding

How often should you wash your bedding? We advise you to change your sheets and duvet cover at least once every two weeks. However, pillowcases should be washed more often. After all, you don’t want nasty bacteria that close to your face at night!

We recommend washing sheets in warm water around 40-60 degrees, as if it’s too hot it could harm the fibres and dull colours. If you notice any stains on your bedding, try an oxygenated bleach product to remove them. It’s best to spot treat the stain or add a scoop of stain remover into your washing machine with your usual laundry detergent.


We would advise you stick to laundering your duvet at least once a year. Due to a build-up of dead skin cells, dirt, oil and sweat, unwashed duvets can attract bugs. Yes, we know that sounds gross. This should be all the motivation you need to make a trip to your local launderette.

Taking Care of Your Mattress

Using your vacuum to get rid of the dust from your mattress is a good idea, especially if your family members suffer from allergies.

To remove stains from your mattress, use a carpet and upholstery cleaner. Be modest when using water and soap as you’ll have to wait a long time for it to dry. Remember it’s best to treat the stain as soon as possible for the best results.

If you want to keep your mattress extra clean, you can cover it with a removable mattress protector that you can wash regularly.

It’s sensible to flip your covers daily to allow the moisture buildup to evaporate before you sleep again.

And there you go, some simple tips on how to make sure your bed is hygienic and fresh!